What sort of sites do we work at?

Most of the work that we do is on landowner sites – either local authority owner/managed or private trusts. However, we also do some work on smaller, private sites around Milton Keynes, but not private gardens.

What do you need?

Volunteers need to arrive dressed to work outdoors, in whatever the weather conditions are going to be for that session, including stout boots or similar. Everything else is provided, including tools (and their safe use), gloves and refreshments

Milton Keynes Green Gym

Call us

If you require further information, or would just like to chat about the sort of things we do, call us on...

07919 365790

Contact us

Click on the link below to send us an email requesting further information, or to join our group of volunteers. Your email address can (with your agreement) be added to our email circulation list, to keep you advised of upcoming sessions

Dave Barratt

More information about Milton Keynes Green Gym can be found on our Facebook page, by clicking on the link below

If you would like more information about Milton Keynes Green Gym please send us an email – details and links above – or give us a call. We are happy to talk about the work we do.

We look forward to hearing from you