Welcome to Milton Keynes Green Gym

Following “Lockdown 1”, Milton Keynes Green Gym work sessions re-started as from Thursday 9 July 2020. Lockdown 2, during November 2020, caused a further interruption, which hopefully will allow sessions to re-commence in December. Existing volunteers have been updated with all details. If you would like information as to how to join the sesions, please contact us (details on the Contact page)

Green Gym is a unique programme help you to improve your physical fitness and general well being, while taking part in conservation activities that are fun and help to improve the environment in which we all live. We work with local landowners to help them to manage woodland, regenerate ponds, plant trees, improve and maintain gardens and much more. Green Gym gives you an opportunity to tackle physical jobs in the outdoors – developing your strength and stamina, whilst learning new practical skills and boosting self-confidence. It is a refreshing new way to combat stress, improve mental and emotional well-being and make new friends.